Vision Statement

At First Alliance Church, our passion is the transformation of each and every person. We envision this transformation happening by the power of the Holy Spirit filling us with Christ’s extraordinary love, enabling us to love others unconditionally.

As the Body of Christ, we envision:

  • Continually worshiping God through prayer, song, acts of service, speaking God’s Word and sharing our stories; these enable us to experience God’s heart.
  • Frequently and passionately sharing the good news of Jesus’ love and salvation through personal relationships, ministries, and community outreach.
  • Committing ourselves and our support to take the Gospel throughout the world.
  • Selflessly serving others.
  • Applying the Word of God to our lives for personal growth.
  • Investing in each other’s growth through the discovery and use of spiritual gifts.
  • Creating an atmosphere to help develop godly families that can both experience healing and grow in love.
  • Developing spiritually mature men and women to provide direction, mentoring, and modeling of God’s love.

We envision that spiritual power and energy, righteousness and justice, lived out with extraordinary love, will flow to our community, and will be living proof of the loving God to our neighbors and the world until the return of Christ the King.

Mission Statement

We aspire to be transformed followers of Jesus Christ who reach our neighbors and the world with living proof of a loving God.