Church Work Day

On May 1st was a bi-annual Church Work Day. 

A special thanks to all who came: Jackie Keever, Scott Smith, Courtney Smith, Doug Kapp, Greg & Deb Snyder, Jeremy & Angela with Ava & Josie Hess, Laurel Grimes.

Some of the projects we were able to accomplish:
Before…. and After!

Go Ava, Go!    
Greg, Ava & Josie at the bank, handling a different kind of green

Mowing, trimming, mulching.
Fixed spouting that was causing water to pool.

And some came for the food!  (just kidding) 


Join us in the fall for the next round of building & grounds maintenance. 
If you see projects around the church building & grounds that need to be addressed, please contact the office!


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