“…it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.”

Romans 10:10 – “For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.”  

On Resurrection Sunday (April 4, 2021) we witnessed the incredible work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of 5 individuals in our congregation as they professed their faith and received baptism by submersion in water.  Hallelujah! Below are the testimonies each of these precious women shared. (Please excuse the quality of the photos)

“Hello, my  name is Nandana Acarya. I believe in Jesus an love God and when He is not here I cry. And I trust in God and He is my Savior and He is my lover and I know He asks “Can you be my child?” 





“Hello, my name is Goma Acharya, I was born in Bhutan and was raised in Nepal. As a refuge from 1993 to 2011. I was raised in a Hindu religion with my family; I have 2 kids. My son has been disabled since birth and now is struggling with seizure. We live in Harrisburg right now. I struggled a lot in the past being a single mother. The first time I got to know about Jesus was because of my son’s nurse. She tried a lot to tell me about Jesus in the past, but I was never interested in Christianity. I came to PA from Texas because all of my family moved here. And I started to realize that if Hindu was a true religion why do I never have joy? I started to really question myself and find out the truth. I wanted to learn more about Jesus and asked my sister-in-law, Lok Linebaugh, to help me. And soon after I realized that there was only one God which is Jesus. I soon accepted Jesus into my heart on October 19, 2020. God has truly been so kind to me. I finally have peace knowing God is in control. I will continue to follow Him in the future and love Him.  Thank you.”





Goma also chose to dedicate her son, Nitin, to the Lord. 





“Hello, my name is Puja Gautam and I came to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior last year during summer.  When I started doing bible study with my family. Because of it, I got to know more about Jesus and I got more closer to Him. I love Jesus because he died for my sins and made me a way to heaven. One of the things Jesus has helped me with was overcoming the fear of public speaking. God has done many good things in my life and I am really thankful and glad that I am one of his children. I decided to baptized because God has changed my heart a lot.”





“Hello, my name is Priya Gautam and I accepted Jesus into my heart last year. God has truly worked in my life in so many ways like giving me confidence to be able to share how I came to Jesus and accepted him as my Savior. Before I accepted Him as my Savior I used to get angry over small things and was always insecure about the way I looked. But after I started to learn more about Him I started to think differently. And soon after I decided to accept him into my heart. And suddenly I realized that God made me in his image and He loves me just the way I am.  And I also started to control my anger and remembered how slow to anger our God is. Even though I still make mistakes I know that God still loves me and forgives me. A lesson that God taught me over the year was to trust His timing because His timing is always perfect we just have to be patient. I will continue to follow God and tell other people about him in the future. I’m so grateful he picked me to be one of his children even though I don’t deserve to be. I will continue to follow Him and make Him happy. I’m so excited to get baptized and share my walk with God to other people and tell them how loving and amazing our God is.”





“Hello.  My name is Emily Kalbfleisch and I want to follow Jesus as my Lord. To me, this means that I will always trust in him. My relationship to Jesus means that I can ask him to forgive me when I do wrong things like when I lie to my mom.  If I ask Him, I KNOW he will forgive me. It means he loves me a lot! I wanted to get baptized today to show that I am a True Believer in Jesus Christ. I don’t remember the exact day that I asked Jesus into my heart, but I learned at church and preschool that I needed Jesus to save me from my sins. I asked God to forgive my sins and want to follow Him. My mom and I pray together every night.”

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