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September 10, 2022

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

The Antioch Bible Institute is off and running into its 5th year of operation.  And we are sure running with 19 students and four children under six years old on campus!  This first week has meant a lot of adjusting of schedules and changing plans, but we are slowly figuring things out and settling into this new busy routine.

Many of the Elim (Rural Bible School) students we are helping this trimester are coming from minority ethnic groups and so for some, their reading and writing of Khmer (which is the language we use to teach) isn’t very strong.  Pray for us (and the students) as we try to help these students improve their literacy and keep up with their classwork.

One of our Antioch students is a single mother with a three year old daughter and a six year old son.  Add into that kid mix, another four year old boy (son of two of the English students) and the four year old son of one of our teacher couples and you have lots of crazy kid energy!  Pray for us as we try various ways to help the children as well as their parents adjust to life at school.

Ministry groups will be starting up this week – and for the new students this is nerve wracking because they don’t know what to expect and have to go out in the city.  We will be starting some new locations this trimester as well as continuing older relationships.  Pray for all the teachers and students as they go out to be ministers of God’s good news.  Pray for good relationships to be built and opportunities to share Jesus in word and deed.

I’ll be continuing with a group that shares Bible stories with our neighbors.  Pray for Bong P in whose home we meet.  I haven’t had a lot of time with her yet, but she looks tired and worn out.  New neighbors have also moved into the community, so pray for more opportunities to connect with those closest to us.

Enjoy the attached pictures from the first week of classes!



August 31, 2022

Dear Prayer Partners and Friends,

Despite a Covid scare, the Antioch Bible Institute’s graduation went well the end of July.  Four students graduated – two from last year who didn’t have a graduation ceremony yet and two from this year.  All four are now in engaged in ministry in their different locations.  We are so proud of them.  Check out a few attached pictures of the big day!

Today our new school year starts with a new batch of students.  Antioch has four new incoming students and two returning students.  In addition to these six, we’ve agreed to take the new students for our sister school, Elim, which is a rural Bible training center.  Last year Elim had to close for a trimester due to Covid and so are now off their normal school schedule.  Their 2nd year students don’t graduate until December, but to get them back on the right schedule, Antioch will be receiving eight Elim students.  We’ll only have this group until December when they’ll return to Elim.  Add in the returning English students who are staying on campus, and we have 19 students this trimester!  From the Cambodian point of view – more people means more fun!  We are in for lots of fun this trimester!

Pray for us teachers as we not only teach but begin to disciple all these students.  It’s a lot of work for six students, so I imagine this trimester will be lots and lots of work!  But we are all excited to have so many young people on campus.  Pray also for our new students.  Many are coming from the countryside and the city is a scary place for them!

Please also pray for one more teacher couple.  The teacher who oversees the kitchen will be leaving in December.  Pray for God to send a family with the right attitudes and skills to join in the work of discipling and training up Christian workers for the cities of Cambodia and beyond.

Thank you again for your faithfulness in prayer and giving!


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