Office Admins

LuAnn, Judy, Kendra
Kendra joined the FAC staff Feb 2021 as the Office Admin and she is in 3 days a week (Mon, Tues & Fri).  Prior to serving here she worked in Christian Camping for 14 years as a program director. Kendra enjoys soccer (both playing and coaching), backpacking, canoeing and spending time with her nieces.  A go-to verse for her is also Romans 8:28, which helps her remember that no matter what we face in life, God is in ultimate control and will work all things out for good. Choose joy! Kendra and her husband Greg live in downtown Harrisburg. City life is a new adventure for Kendra but she enjoys access to walking places and getting to know her neighborhood and neighbors. 
LuAnn fills various roles at the church as a volunteer: Administrator of Tender Hearts Pre-school; decorating the church seasonally; and administrative office work on Thursdays.  Prior to retirement, she wrote policies and procedures for Capital Blue Cross. She loves to serve others. In 2018 God performed a miracle in her life, healing her from near death during some medical challenges. He has given her a new song to sing, a hymn of praise, Psalm 40:3  This is LuAnn’s favorite Bible verse because when God performed a miracle on her, He gave her a new life.  She says, “When I came out of the coma and was taken off the ventilator, I was a changed person and I look at life and my walk with God differently than I did prior to becoming ill.”  Born & raised in Port Huron, Michigan gave her a love for anywhere there is water.  A close second is gardening.
Judy  serves in church office one day a week (Wednesday) with her main roll being payroll and ministry board reports. She also leads the weekly ‘Sisters In Jesus’ women’s bible study meetings and is a deaconess.  Prior to retirement Judy worked as a secretary and bookkeeper. She is passionate about having things done excellently.  Judy says, “I believe God is my father, Jesus is my savior, and the Holy Spirit lives in me to guide me and help in this journey. I am a forgiven, loved, and adopted child of God.”  Her favorite verse is  Romans 8:38-39.  This passage is a great assurance that God not only loves her but also of His protective care and none is more powerful than He.